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1Accessories (rotary evaporator, lab)
2Accumulator, battery
3Acetic acid
5Acid proof apron
6Acyclic acids with three and more carboxy groups and their anhy
7Adapter (lab.)
8adhesive and sealant
9Adhesive label (multiple, paper)
10Adhesive labels (multiple, paper)
11Agitator (lab.)
12agitator blade and shaft (laboratory, parts)
13Agitator head
14Alkali, earth alkali and ammonium phenol (lab)
15All-gas burner (lab.)
16Allihn condensor (lab)
17Aluminium cap (flared-, lab)
18Aluminium dish (lab)
19Aluminum and hydride (lab)
20Aluminum beaker (lab)
21Aluminum compound with O (Al, [H,] O) (lab)
22Aluminum foil (lab)
23Ampoul, flared cap, septum, syringe(lab)
24ampoule (tool, laboratory)
25Anaerobic system (lab)
26Analysis appl. (other)
27Analysis filt. appl.(lab)
28Analysis funnel (lab)
29Analysis mill (lab.)
30Analysis sieve (lab)
31analytical balance (laboratory)
32Appliance (lab.)
34Araeometer (lab)
35Araeometer, pycnometer (lab)
36Arm turnback
37artificial extension line
38Aspirator bottle (lab)
39Attachable ratch. (torque wrench)
40Autoclave (acc., lab.)
41Autom. tilter (lab)
42Bacterial strain
43Bag (packing material)
44Bag (plastic, packing material)
45Balance (acc., lab)
46Balance (laboratory)
47Ball grind clamp (surf. grind, lab)
48Ball mil (lab.)
49Ball top attachment (parts,lab.)
50Ball valve
51Banjo bolt
53Bases (parts, desiccators, lab)
54Bath bridge (temperature control, lab)
55Bath vessel (temperature control, lab)
56Battery charger
57beaker (flat ground, laboratory)
58Beaker (lab)
59Beaker, glas (lab)
60Beaker, plastic (lab)
61Bearing sleeve (stirrer, mixer, lab.)
62Benzoic acid
65Biochemistry (basic reagents,lab)
66Biochemistry (feedstock,lab.)
67Biochromatography (reagents,lab)
68Biotech. appl. (acc., lab.)
69Biotech. appl. (other, lab.)
70blade stirrer
71blow-out measuring pipette (laboratory)
72Board (shaking, lab)
73Boiling beaker (lab)
74Boiling stick (lab)
75Boiling stone (lab.)
76Bottle (glass, packing material)
77Bottle (lab)
78bottle rack (laboratory)
79Bottles - parts (laboratory)
80bow-type handle
81Box (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
82Box (metal, packing material)
83box PC
84Box wrench
85Bucket (lab)
86Büchner funnel (laboratory)
87bulb pipette (laboratory)
88Bunsen burner (lab.)
89burette accesories (laboratory)
90burette, electric, digital (laboratory)
91burette, manual (laboratory)
92burette, manual, analog (laboratory)
93burette, trad. design (laboratory)
94cable (halogen-free, <=1KV, copper)
95Cable lug (grounding)
96Cable, wire, cord
97Calorimeter (acc., lab.)
98can (laboratory)
99Candle filter (dry filter)
100Candle filter (wet filter)
101Cap (shaking, lab)
102capillary pipette (laboratory)
103Capillary tube (glass, lab)
104Capsule hearing protect.
105Carbon dioxide (chemical)
106Cartridge (lab., parts)
107Cassette (pump, acc., lab)
108Catch flask (lab)
109Catch flask (rotary evaporator)
110Cell (lab)
111Cell counting
112Cell culture syst. (acc., lab.)
113Cell cultures (lab)
114Cell cultures (media, lab)
115Cell cultures (serums,lab)
116Cell holder (lab)
118Centrifugal agitator (lab.)
119Centrifugal mill (lab.)
120Centrifugal unit (laboratory)
121Centrifuge tube (glass, lab)
122Centrifuge tube (plastic, lab)
124Chamber furnace (lab)
125chemical (other, laboratory)
126chemical container (other)
127chemical shovel
128Chlorine, chloride (lab)
129Chromatograph. (col., acc., lab.)
130Chromatography (accessories, lab)
131Circular shaker (lab)
132Circulating air drier (lab)
133Circulating refrigeration thermost.(lab)
134Circulation thermostat (lab)
135clack valve (lab)
136Clamp (shaking, lab)
137Clamp (stand, lab)
138Clamp ring (surf. grind., spher., lab)
139Cleansing material, cleaning material
140Clip ear protection
141CO2 incubator (acc., lab.)
142Coat, smock
143Coat, smock, apron
145Coil condensor (lab., parts)
146Colony counter (acc., lab.)
147Colorimeter (acc., lab.)
148colorimeter (PAT)
149Column (parts)
150Column HPLC (acc., lab.)
151Command-, control-, signal appliance
152Communication technology, office -
153Comp. air filter, breathing filter
154Comp. air hose dev. (resp. protect.)
155Compression sealed bag (plastic)
156Compression spring
157Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump
158Condensation trap (evap., lab.)
159conductivity electrode (PAT)
160Conductometer (acc., lab.)
161Connecting element
162Connection cable (contact therm.,lab.)
163Contact manometer
164Contact thermometer (lab)
166Convertor (insert)
167Cooler (lab)
168Cooler (rotary evaporator, lab)
169Cooling (lab.)
170Core grind (surf. grind, lab)
171Cork plug (lab)
172Corr. Bellows (surf. grind, lab)
173Corrugated bellows (spher.,lab)
174Counter (pulse)
175Cover glass (lab)
176Covered drum (plastic)
177cross hammer mill (laboratory)
178Cross sleeve (stand,lab)
179Crosspiece (ready) (glass)
180Crucible (packing material)
181crucible (tongs)(laboratory)
182Cryogenic (acc., lab.)
183Crystalizing dish (lab)
184culture bottle (laboratory)
185Culture dish (lab)
186Culture tube (lab)
188cutting mill (laboratory)
189cylinder (lid with knob, laboratory)
190cylinder (round bottom, laboratory)
191Deep freeze (lab.)
192Deep freeze (lab., parts)
193Densitometer (acc., lab.)
194desiccator (laboratory)
195desiccator o-ring (parts, laboratory)
196desiccator tap (parts, laboratory)
197desiccator, lower part (parts, laboratory)
198detector tube
199Deuterium lamp (accessories, lab)
200dew-point meter (PAT)