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1Accessories (rotary evaporator, lab)
2Accumulator, battery
3Acid proof apron
4Acid proof overall
5Acyclic acids with three and more carboxy groups and their anhy
6Adapter (lab.)
7adhesive and sealant
8Adhesive label (multiple, paper)
9Adhesive labels (multiple, paper)
10Agitator (lab.)
11agitator blade and shaft (laboratory, parts)
12Agitator head
13air conditioner (control cabinet air conditioning)
14Alkali, earth alkali and ammonium phenol (lab)
15All-gas burner (lab.)
16Allihn condensor (lab)
17Aluminium cap (flared-, lab)
18Aluminium dish (lab)
19Aluminum and hydride (lab)
20Aluminum beaker (lab)
21Aluminum compound with O (Al, [H,] O) (lab)
22Aluminum foil (lab)
23Ampoul, flared cap, septum, syringe(lab)
24ampoule (tool, laboratory)
25Anaerobic system (lab)
26Analysis appl. (other)
27Analysis filt. appl.(lab)
28Analysis funnel (lab)
29Analysis mill (lab.)
30Analysis sieve (lab)
31analytical balance (laboratory)
32Appliance (lab.)
34Araeometer (lab)
35Araeometer, pycnometer (lab)
36Arm turnback
37artificial extension line
38Aspirator bottle (lab)
39Autoclave (acc., lab.)
40Autom. tilter (lab)
41Bacterial strain
42Bag (packing material)
43Bag (plastic, packing material)
44Balance (acc., lab)
45Balance (laboratory)
46Ball grind clamp (surf. grind, lab)
47Ball mil (lab.)
48Ball top attachment (parts,lab.)
49Ball valve
50Banjo bolt
52Bases (parts, desiccators, lab)
53Bath vessel (temperature control, lab)
54Battery charger
55beaker (flat ground, laboratory)
56Beaker (lab)
57Beaker, glas (lab)
58Beaker, plastic (lab)
59Bearing sleeve (stirrer, mixer, lab.)
60Benzoic acid
63Biochemistry (basic reagents,lab)
64Biochemistry (feedstock,lab.)
65Biochromatography (reagents,lab)
66Biotech. appl. (acc., lab.)
67Biotech. appl. (other, lab.)
68blade stirrer
69Board (shaking, lab)
70Boiling beaker (lab)
71Boiling stick (lab)
72Boiling stone (lab.)
73Bottle (glass, packing material)
74Bottle (lab)
75bottle rack (laboratory)
76Bottles - parts (laboratory)
77bow-type handle
78Box (cardboard/paperboard, packing material)
79Box (metal, packing material)
80box PC
81Box wrench
82Bucket (lab)
83Büchner funnel (laboratory)
84bulb pipette (laboratory)
85Bunsen burner (lab.)
86burette accesories (laboratory)
87burette, electric, digital (laboratory)
88burette, manual (laboratory)
89burette, manual, analog (laboratory)
90burette, trad. design (laboratory)
91cable (halogen-free, <=1KV, copper)
92Cable lug (grounding)
93Cable, wire, cord
94Calorimeter (acc., lab.)
95can (laboratory)
96Candle filter (dry filter)
97Candle filter (wet filter)
98Cap (shaking, lab)
99capillary pipette (laboratory)
100Capillary tube (glass, lab)
101Capsule hearing protect.
102Carbon dioxide (chemical)
103Cartridge (lab., parts)
104Cassette (pump, acc., lab)
105Catch flask (lab)
106Catch flask (rotary evaporator)
107Cell (lab)
108Cell counting
109Cell culture syst. (acc., lab.)
110Cell cultures (lab)
111Cell cultures (media, lab)
112Cell cultures (serums,lab)
113Cell holder (lab)
115Centrifugal agitator (lab.)
116Centrifugal mill (lab.)
117Centrifugal unit (laboratory)
118Centrifuge tube (glass, lab)
119Centrifuge tube (plastic, lab)
120Chamber furnace (lab)
121chemical (other, laboratory)
122chemical container (other)
123chemical shovel
124Chlorine, chloride (lab)
125Chromatograph. (col., acc., lab.)
126Chromatography (accessories, lab)
127Circular shaker (lab)
128Circulating air drier (lab)
129Circulating refrigeration thermost.(lab)
130Circulation thermostat (lab)
131clack valve (lab)
132Clamp (shaking, lab)
133Clamp (stand, lab)
134Clamp ring (surf. grind., spher., lab)
135Cleansing material, cleaning material
136Clip ear protection
137CO2 incubator (acc., lab.)
138Coat, smock
139Coat, smock, apron
141Coil condensor (lab., parts)
142Cold weather clothes
143Colony counter (acc., lab.)
144Colorimeter (acc., lab.)
145colorimeter (PAT)
146Column (parts)
147Column HPLC (acc., lab.)
148Command-, control-, signal appliance
149Communication technology, office -
150Comp. air filter, breathing filter
151Comp. air hose dev. (resp. protect.)
152Compression sealed bag (plastic)
153Compression spring
154Compressor, ventilator, vacuum pump
155Condensation trap (evap., lab.)
156conductivity electrode (PAT)
157Conductometer (acc., lab.)
158Connecting element
159Connection cable (contact therm.,lab.)
160Contact manometer
161Contact thermometer (lab)
163Convertor (insert)
164Cooler (lab)
165Cooler (rotary evaporator, lab)
166Cooling (lab.)
167Core grind (surf. grind, lab)
168Cork plug (lab)
169Corr. Bellows (surf. grind, lab)
170Corrugated bellows (spher.,lab)
171Counter (pulse)
172Cover glass (lab)
173Covered drum (plastic)
174cross hammer mill (laboratory)
175Cross sleeve (stand,lab)
176Crucible (packing material)
177crucible (tongs)(laboratory)
178Cryogenic (acc., lab.)
179Crystalizing dish (lab)
180culture bottle (laboratory)
181Culture dish (lab)
182Culture tube (lab)
184cutting mill (laboratory)
185cylinder (lid with knob, laboratory)
186cylinder (round bottom, laboratory)
187Deep freeze (lab.)
188Deep freeze (lab., parts)
189Densitometer (acc., lab.)
190desiccator (laboratory)
191desiccator o-ring (parts, laboratory)
192desiccator tap (parts, laboratory)
193desiccator, lower part (parts, laboratory)
194detector tube
195Deuterium lamp (accessories, lab)
196dew-point meter (PAT)
197Diaphragm pump (lab.)
198Digital therm. (acc., lab.)
199Discharge ring (parts,lab)
200Discharge tap (parts,lab)
201Dish (lab)
202Dishwasher (acc., lab.)
203dishwasher (commercial kitchen equipment)
204disk gasket (parts, laboratory)
205dispenser acessories (laboratory)
206dispenser adaptor (laboratory)
207DISPENSER attachment (laboratory)
208dispenser dosing unit (laboratory)
209dispenser ejection tube (laboratory)
210dispenser extension tube (laboratory)
211dispenser piston (laboratory)
212dispenser suction tube (laboratory)
213dispenser valve (laboratory)
214dispenser, electric, variable (laboratory)
215dispenser, manual, variable (laboratory)
216Dispersing apparatus (lab)
217Dispersing tools (lab)
218Disposable filt. appl. (lab)
219Disposable glove (plastic, pack.insert)
220Disposable holl.needle (lab)
221disposable pipette (laboratory)
222Disposable syringe (lab)
223Dissolver stirrer (lab.)
224Distillation (lab., parts)
225Distillation app. (lab.)
226Distillation Bridge (parts,lab.)
227Distillation flask (lab)
228distillation receiver
229Distributor (rotary evaporator, lab)
230doctor (filter-)(parts)(laboratory)
231Dosing atomizer (packing material)
232Dosing pump (packing material)
233Double open-jaw wrench
234Double sleeve (stand, lab)
235Douple spatula (lab)
236Drawing pens
237Drive (rot. evap. lab.)
238Drop funnel (lab)
239Dropping bottle (lab)
240Drum (plastic, packing material)
241Drum funnel (lab)
242Dry dish (lab)
243Dry ice vessel
244Dry nutrient (lab)
245Drying cabinet (lab.)
246Drying oven (lab.)
247drying tube (parts, laboratory)
248Dummy flange (non-ferrous metal)
249dummy flange (parts, laboratory)
250Ear protection plug
251Eccentric ring (pump, acc., lab)
252Electro chemical app. (other, lab.)
253Electrode (acc., lab.)
254Electrophoresis (acc., lab.)
255Electrophoresis (reagents,lab)
256Enclosed safety glasses
257Erlenmeyer flask (lab)
258Evaporating vessel (lab)
259Evaporator flask (lab)
260evaporator, other (laboratory)
261Extension line (power)
262Extraction sleeve (dist. lab.)
263Extractor (dist. lab.)
264Extractor (lab)
265Eye protection, face protection
266Fabric (plastic)
267Face protective mask
268Filter (lab)
269filter adapter (laboratory)
270Filter attachment (lab)
271Filter candle (lab)
272Filter centrifuge
273Filter crucible (lab)
274Filter flask (lab)
275Filter holder (lab)
276filter paper (laboratory)
277Filter plate (lab)
278Filter ring (lab)
279Filter tube (lab)
280Filtering crucible (lab)
281filtering device (laboratory)
282filtering funnel (laboratory)
283filtering top (laboratory)
284Fine dust mask
286Fire protection
287Fitting (accessories, lab)
288Five-finger gloves
289fixture (flat ground, laboratory)
290Flame photometer (acc., lab.)
291Flange (oth. mat.)
292Flange (pump, acc., lab)
293Flask (lab)
294Flat bag (plastic, packing material)
295flat ground glass lid (parts, laboratory)
296flat-sided bottle (laboratory)
297Flight mask (resp. protect.)
298Flour scoop (lab)
299Flow inducer (acc., lab.)
300Flow inducer pump
301flow spoiler flask
302Flow-through cell (lab)
303Flowmeter (special system)
304Fluorescent light
305Fluted filter (lab)
306Flux oil (pump, acc., lab)
307Foil (lab)
308Forceps (lab)
309Frit (lab)
310funnel holder (laboratory)
311Funnel, sieve (lab)
312Gas analysis appliance
313Gas chromatography (PAT)
314gas detector (electronic, short-term)
315gas detector pump
316gas diffuser tube (laboratory)
317gas jar (laboratory)
318Gas washing bottle (lab)
319Gear pump
320General thermometer (lab)
321glass burette accessories (laboratory)
322Glass cutter
323Glass funnel (lab)
324Glass pearls (dist. app., lab)
325Glass plate (lab)
326Glass plug (lab)
327glass rod (laboratory)
328Glass syringe (lab)
329Glass tube (lab)
330Glasses (eye protection, parts)
331Graduate (lab)
332granulate (grit)
333grill (household)
334Ground bottle (lab)
335Ground glass thermometer (lab)
336Grounding wire
339Hanging thermostat (lab)
340Head protection
341Hearing protection
342Heating binding (lab.)
343Heating hood (lab.)
344Heating plate (lab.)
345Heating, drying (lab.)
346Hematology instrument (acc., lab.)
347Heterocycles (1 O) (lab)
349High breast bottle (lab)
350Histology, cytology (lab)
351Horizontal shaker (lab)
352Hose (parts)
353Hose (stand. chemical, w/o connector)
354hose connector (glass, laboratory)
355hose connector (laboratory)
356hose couplings (laboratory)
357hose, hose connector (laboratory)
359Hygiene control (lab)
360Hygrometer (acc., lab.)
361immersion filter (laboratory)
362Impeller type mixer
363Incidentals, accessories (lab)
364Incubator (lab)
365Information sign (sticker)
366Injection rubber (septum,lab)
367Inside-outside thermometer (lab)
368instrument basket for laboratory autoclave, benchtop model (acc
369Instrument dish (lab)
370Ion meter (acc., lab.)
371Iron compound (inorganic) (lab)
373Kjeldahl flask (parts, laboratory)
375KPG stirrer (lab.)
376Lab dish
377Lab pot, stainless steel
378Lab. Agitator, electric (lab)
379Lab. Agitator, pneumatic (lab)
380Lab. Container (other)
381Lab. safety glasses
382Lab. Thermometer
383Laboratory apparatus (other)
384laboratory autoclave, benchtop model (accessories, laboratory)
385laboratory can (laboratory)
386Laboratory fittings (other)
387Laboratory furniture
388Laboratory material, Labatory technology
389laboratory supplies (other)
390Laboratory table
391Lashing strap (packaging aid)
392Lid (temperature control, lab)
393lid (flat ground, laboratory)
394Lid (plastic, packing material)
395Liebig condensor
396Liner (accessories, lab)
397Load securing block (EPS)
398Low safety shoe
399Lubrication (fluid)